November 4, 2010

Ok I goggled all the info on making a Snowblower 12V electric CHUTE ROTATION. I took the window and wiper motors out of a 4 door Buick and did a bench test on both, the wiper motor I could almost hold back with my fingers, so the electric window motor was the way to go its strong-fast- and Free and came with the door switch.It was also the easiest to take off the junk car. So go to your junk yard today!

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25 Responses to “ATV Homemade Snowblower 12V electric CHUTE ROTATION”

  1. onlygearwarrior Says:

    TheSCryderman, there is no problem turning the shute while under load. Eh, also, power comes from the cigarette lighter for simplicity. Just unplug it when you take the blower off.

  2. onlygearwarrior Says:

    My dad did this years ago when he first bought his Grazer with blower attachment. Since he is held up inside a cabin he couldn’t reach the controls. He worked for Johnson Controls (GMC seat maker) and got a window motors and seat control motors. He rotates the chute with the window motor and elevation with the seat motor. He controls it with power seat switches hehehe.

  3. drewme1010 Says:

    ha i love the “beer chucker” keep the vids coming.
    The chute works great watch my other vids and you can see it in action.

  4. drewme1010 Says:


  5. drewme1010 Says:

    is the chute made from plastic? metal? its a strong motor and it should.

  6. drewme1010 Says:


  7. drewme1010 Says:

    U welcome

  8. drewme1010 Says:

    Yes Thanks It works better then expected.

  9. TheSCryderman Says:

    how does it work with a load of snow going thru, i just built a blower and have not finalized the shute yet, do a search for ‘the beer chucker’ i have 3 other short videos on as well, still building

  10. SergeantTwiggs Says:

    kick ass haha

  11. bub549 Says:

    hey…you think this type of motor would rotate a chute on a 5 foot blower on the back of a tractor?

  12. highmiler342 Says:

    hey man.i’ve watched your vids on this build and all i can say is your the man.

  13. limitup58 Says:

    excellent job I want to build one of those also thanks for the video!

  14. brownskidmarks Says:

    excellent job well done works a treat..

  15. drewme1010 Says:

    Thanks.. haven’t been on your youtube channel in a bit. I’ll have to see if you put any new songs on, Your a man of all trades

  16. drewme1010 Says:

    Thanks yeah love making things myself. and saving lots of money

  17. drewme1010 Says:

    ty if you make one would love to see it.. hit me back when you do.

  18. drewme1010 Says:


  19. mcelrec Says:

    Great idea ! lol

  20. drewme1010 Says:

    The gear was on the motor when you take them out of junk car doors. you just weld a bolt to the gear then take the cut turn rod slip it in the bolt and weld it up. The pulley is a 1/2. If you do a search on ebay for (Electric Snowblower Chute) they sell-em for $270 BUCKS! Thatwoudlbethedayipaythat

  21. djdave9979 Says:

    Where did you get the gear for the end of the motor to turn the shoot. Also what size is the pully for the belt? half or 5/8’s ? Thx

  22. djdave9979 Says:

    Nice job. I have a Lawn mower Snow blower as well, I’m gonna try the same thing as you. Lookin for a little engine mnow. Nice to see someone else through of this, and has it working.

  23. mtdman11 Says:

    nice job man. came out real nice! i like the electric chute motor. homemade is always better. you get way more pride out of buying anything. you should check out my homemade snowplow for my quad.

  24. mawheegan Says:

    Drew……nice dude but, I gotta see that bugger out in th’ weather doin’ that snowtime thang………………

  25. GarrettJDB Says:

    good job making it